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Fantistics Baseball Customer Testimonials

In our season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial which we could publish:

Fantistics Insider Baseball is my "bible" for the draft and on a daily basis during the season. I've subscribed to a number of fantasy baseball sites but always come back to Insider Baseball at the end of the day for up-to-date info on who's hot and who's not, injuries, sleepers, trends, etc. No other fantasy baseball site gives you the combination of incredibly accurate draft day advice and day-to-day updates. (Steve Nation)

I love Fantistics! Without them, I would be spending countless hours searching the internet for articles and analysis on players. With Fantistics, I don't have to spend as much time. I can read their opinions, look at some stats, and make informed decisions for my team in a lot less time than before. (Donald Hansen)

Fantistics provides the best shot at a championship and eliminates most of the guess work. (Gary Harrison)

I have played fantasy baseball seriously (at least for me) for three years in two different leagues and have made the play-offs in every league, every year.  A key to success in fantasy baseball is having the confidence to make the moves necessary all season long.  Fantistics' tools have proven to me that I can trust their information to guide my decisions from preseason drafts through mid-season moves to the play-offs.  Oh, and did I mention that I WON THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  THANK YOU FANTISTICS! (Steven Flowers)

Good draft help and excellent in season information. (Eddy Edwards)

Granderson, Votto, Bumgarner, Kershaw.  I consistently win money in my leagues because Fantistics tells me these guys are about to be awesome before anyone else.   -Name redacted as to not alert my competition how I'm killing them. (Scott ****)

Great data and forecasts.  Winning our league requires a good draft(accurate forecasts), the ability to identify emerging talent, and the ability to make key mid-season trades (identifying which players just slumping and which ones will not recover).  Your software does a great job in each of these categories.  Thanks!! (Mike Starnes)

During the survey we asked subscribers if they were satisfied enough to return in 2012:

  • Yes: 91%

  • Maybe: 8%

  • No: <1%

There is no disputing that Fantistics is by far the best in player projections and stats for the new season and more importantly keeping owners up to date with daily news, notes, and insights. Their writers and the best on the web. Trust me, I read a lot on this and I listen to a lot of fantasy baseball radio. There are very few radio guys and or web sites that provide me with what I am looking for. Fantistics give me an edge on my competition and no one talks about them. I am shocked more people I talk to don't use there services. Fantistics should expand into creating their own leagues. For 2012, I would tone down on your power stats a little and take injury history into account. Players just don't seem to be getting as many AB's as you guys think. (Brian Fink)

Great preseason projection tools for auction or draft.  I have been in playoffs, or won my league every year I used them.... (Gerald Whelply)

Great Service - will continue to use... (David Sandefer)

Great Service!  You guys are still the best in the business.  See you in 2012. (Donald Lindsay)


Great work - I really enjoyed my first year as a Fantistician.  I have been playing fantasy baseball for 10+ years, but I was most involved this year because of the daily updates, etc I had in my Inbox each day.  we have a VERY complicated league/draft, and the Fantistics software is the best that i have come across that I can work with. (dave stumm)

have won league 9 out of 15 years, thanks to your help (Charles Pancoast)

I am in the money or at least playing for it every year with your pre-draft rankings and daily advice.  Thanks. (Larry OConnor)

I feel dirty after I dominate my drafts every year thanks to the draft projection software. (s s)


Thanks to the insightful draft projections and up to date in season info I was finally able to WIN my league . . . after 25 years! (mark kramer)


See the details of the Player Projections Software

I have lauded your product in the past.  I have won a championship and two runner-up finishes using Fantistics... (Mike Janosky)

I have used the service for three years now and finished in the money each year. Projections are great and the software makes the drafting easy. (Robert McCormack)

I love fantistics, it helped me win my National Fantasy Baseball league.  2nd year I joined and I won.  Very happy.  Definitely subscribing next year.  Signed up for football this year and I am currently in first with a 3-0 record. (Eric Toussaint)

Fantistics are the only source I need now to stay current on all the information I need to stay updated. (Ron Clark)

Fantistics is a great sports site providing the best information via email available. (James Matlock)

Fantistics fantasy Baseball has helped me immensely over the last several seasons. Without them, maybe I'm the League Doormat? (Brian MacDonald)

Fantistics gets me out ahead of everyone on draft day & has put me in contention in every league I've played the last 5 yrs! (Brad Banning)

I love the daily news and analysis.  I read these every day.  They keep me abreast of not only my players, but players around the league, and they are very helpful when making roster decisions. (Joel Wagler)

I really like the draft software I think it is unrealistic to compete in a competitive league without draft software. (Brian Cottrill)

I took first place out of 12 teams.  I was also first in total points for the 3rd time in four years.  Third championship in last 8 years.  I have never missed the playoffs. (Kurt Cartwright)

I won my league and appreciate your daily updates more than anything. During the pre=season, I like those projections in which you step out and grade someone higher than I might. There are so many mags, cheatsheets, I usually have a good idea of what values are and like spec'ing on those you rate higher than the mean. (ed mcelroy)

I've won my league 4 out of the past 7 years due to Fantistic's spot-on projections, particularly with middle and late round players, and in-season analysis.  (Daniel D****)

I've won twice in the past 5 years in what has become an increasingly competitive keeper league thanks in part to good drafting (Fantistics), good scouting (Fantistics), homework, and some luck.  If it ain't broke . . . . (Mike Lacy)

In a 14 team 28 man league, I missed my first 7 picks b/c I couldn't log in, but my 8th pick was Granderson, a few picks later got Berkman, and ended up making the money :) (John Painter)

Experience playing Fantasy Baseball among Fantistics subscribers:

Greater than 10 years
Between 7- 10 years
Between 5-6 years
Between 3-5 years
2 years
1 year

Always give me good teams to start with especially for H2H leagues  I make playoff in all leagues against some pretty good gamers... (Edward Wall)

Been first and 2nd since using your service! (Dick Fuller)

Every year you (Fantistics) give me a player that overachieves or breaks out this year it was starlin castro and micheal pineda. (mitchell rachlin)

Everyday I read my e-mail for vital info and insight to enable me to improve my team in some manner.  May not have won this year but have seven times in the past with this help. (Thomas Lambert)

Excellent insights behind the numbers.  Thanks for another good season! (Frank Basich)

Keep building on your great work! Thanks. (Scott Agnew)

Keep up the good work guys! See you next season! (Walter C Hopkins)

Keep up the good work.  Your projections software is excellent.  Your in season research and observations help me keep my line ups current. (Roger Beckley)

Provides invaluable insight...especially the pre-draft player rankings...another point of view that requires me to think / reflect... (bill heron)

Really like the draft software... (dave mayhew)

Since using Fantistics I have won 6 leagues championships and never finished lower than 5th (and that low only once) in a 12-team league. (Jim Reeves)

Solid package.  Projections are darn good and the VAM strategy makes draft day success easy.  Almost feel like I'm cheating.  Tee hee. (Scott Johnson)

Thank you (Rod Steves)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their overall Impression of Fantistics was:

  • Great Content: 82%

  • Good Content: 17%

  • Poor Content:  <1%

Thanks to the software I was able to cash in TFC and in my house league.  The daily reports are the best around and the draft software is second to none. (Jason Jarrad)

The absolute best Draft Day Prep available. (Andrew Stokes)

The arrival of Fantistics' daily updates in my inbox is a highlight of each morning throughout the season. The information is insightful, and I'm sure Fantistics has helped launch me to several fantasy championships over the past 10 years. (Rick Goff)

The best info anywhere (C Lance McCracken)

The daily updates allowed me to pick up Ian Kennedy, Hosmer, & Ackley before any of my competitors and turned my season into a Championship. (Jim Kaszuba)

The fantistics software and in-season information is HUGE. I am in the championship currently and haven't played fantasy baseball in more than 12 years. Fantistics is THE reason! (Andrew Richardson)

The program sure gives u a different prospective on drafting.  I was dead last in HR stats but on top of the league in points, and not in just one league!  I was amazed at the picks and how they came through.  The major teams were wondering why I was drafting like I was and telling me I had plenty of season to FIX my team.  Amazing results is all I can say. (Barry Martz)

The projections were very good this year.   I clearly had the best team coming out of the draft and was able to obtain spot fill-ins for injuries during the season. (Mel Pettitt)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their impression was of our 2010 player projections:

  • Excellent/Great Projections: 85%

  • Good Projections: 12%

  • Poor Projections:  3%

This was my first season playing fantasy baseball. I entered a league filled with fantasy baseball veterans who wanted to give me all kinds of advice and so forth because, presumably, I did not know anything. My plan was to do whatever Fantistics said! If you said sell a guy high, I started shopping him. If you said grab this guy, I did. I was in first place for all but the second week of the season. By the end of the season, my winning percentage and individual numbers had shattered all records set in this longstanding league. My records will never be touched. The best part was this emboldened me to talk so much smack throughout the season. The other players wanted so bad to put me in my place but they were powerless because my team was so dominant. Every move I made worked out beautifully. That was the regular season. Now that the playoffs are ending, I made it to the final matchup (#1 (me) v. #2) but it appears I will barely lose the championship, much to the delight of everyone else in the league. My team was so stocked with aces and studs that they've spent much of the last week resting to get ready for the real playoffs. With my usual production suppressed, I am about to finish in second place. Boo! Still, it was a great run. These guys think I'm the luckiest player on earth but the truth is I was just following directions! Don't tell them! On a related note, I would suggest you try to have greater frequency to the player analysis portion of the daily updates. That information was VERY helpful to me but sometimes I felt they were spaced out too far. Other that that and the design suggestion noted above, I have nothing to add other than thank you for enabling me to crush the hopes and dreams of my know-it-all friends for six fun months. (K.O. Herston)

This was our 27th season. I'm the commisioner of our leagues and run auction style draft. The Fanatastics draft software makes draft day managable. Over the years I've won my share, but since using Fantastics I've been winning my main leagues more frequently and winning my other leagues half the time. I almost always finish in the money. This year, 3 first place and 1 third place finishes. (Joseph Cucci)

Very good site - look to be back in 2012. (Jeff Imes)

Very helpful, especially the draft analysis software.  Ellsbury and Weaver were steals and I knew it because of the draft software. (Fran Marsh)

We have a keeper league with strong relationships among many members.  Your service is my "secret weapon" that helps me compete.  Without it, I would never earn a money spot.  With it, I have been in the money several times.  I really like the daily news service and the draft preparation tools.  I've used other services, but keep coming back to your. (Tom Burroughs)

With your insights I have won Back to Back titles in a very intense NL only rotisserie League that I have been in for the last 15 years and without your help I don't think it would've been possible so keep up the good work and I'll be back to go for a Threepeat next year. (Charles J Cassarello)

Year in and year out, the pre-draft rankings are the best out there.  When I leave my drafts I always am right at the top.  If only I utilized Fantistics weekly line-up and add/drop advice better, I would win every year. (Greg LaBonar)

You guys wrote about the possibilities of a great season Curtis Granderson would have,  I didn't pay attention,  didn't draft him (went around round 10),  I regret about that. (Pablo Salazar)

Your now supporting Mac is keeping me coming back. (Norman Wendth)

Your service keeps me competitive year after year. It's stat driven and, thus, a better guide than one's own intuition. What we "think we see" fools us. Bill James and the other stat-geeks should have convinced all of us of that by now, right? (Lawrence Silverman)

Your software really helped this novice player bring my draft results and ultimately my league results up to the next level.  Very happy with your product and will be using it again next year. (Tim Schaefer)


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