Experience playing Fantasy Baseball among Fantistics subscribers:

Greater than 10 years 41.8% Between 3-5 years 14.8%
Between 7- 10 years 16.4% 2 years 3.3%
Between 5-6 years 22.1% 1 year 1.6%

Fantistics Baseball Customer Testimonials

In our  season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial which we could publish:

(in alphabetical order)

A must have for fantasy baseball players....Helps me keep in the top 1 or 2 every year. (Dale Clark)

Absolutely fantastic product ! from draft day through the end you offer incomparable information ! (Randall Malboeuf)

After my first year of using Fantistics, I finally took home the 1st place trophy that has eluded me for the last 7 years. The daily insight and depth of statistical insight by your staff was just the ticket to push me over the top and "bring home the gold"  Thanks again and looking forward to next season...and the REPEAT!!! (David Heagy)

An excellent tool.  Just a few more small additions will make it a lock for the best service in the land!  (Brent Blevins)

Another successful campaign -- thanks to Fantistics! (Marty Gunther)

Best fantasy Baseball service in USA (William Harvey)

Biggest help is identifying new, solid players emerging that my competition may not be on to. (Enos Stewart)


During the first part of the season I did not use your information regularly at all.  I only looked at it pre draft and then only weekly.  However, after the all star break I used this site daily.  The good news is pre-all star game I was in 10th or 11th place out of 14 teams.  When I started using Fantistics info regularly I moved up and finished in 3rd one point out of 2nd.   Keep up the good work! (Lorne Weber)

Even if you didn't have a fantasy team the daily emails are interesting to any baseball fan. (John Rumbut)

Every morning I looked forward to the AL-only e-mail, and my Fantistics team page with my coffee. (0000000780 Anonymous)

Every year your projections point me toward some player that was underneath my radar.  This year it was Matt Holliday.  Of course there were some misfires as well.  E.g., Dan Jackson.  I enjoy the daily e-mails as interesting baseball writing...not as way to help my team.   Our league has very minimal activity after the season starts.  A couple drop-add rounds and that is it.  We pretty much dance with the players draft originally. (Greg Pryor)

Excellent tool - not just on draft day - but EVERYDAY during the season. (Roger West)

Fantistics makes me competitive year after year. (Michael Siefert)

Fantistics consistently projects better than anyone else and provides the most extensive and ACCURATE analysis on players during the season.  Knowing who to start can be a nightmare at times, but Fantistics makes knowing who to start a piece of cake.  As long as I play fantasy baseball, I will use Fantistics. (Louis Caporaletti)

Fantistics is a great service I found the daily rankings enjoyable to read and the drafting tool is a big help for my online live draft.  I will keeping Fantistics a secret to everyone in my league, but for everyone else the service is a great deal and essential if you are serious about Fantasy Baseball.  (Stuart Shay)

Fantistics is an amazing service and in my opinion is the # 1 leader in daily news. (Mike Corazzini)

Fantistics is so good I won't tell anyone else about it--Sorry Fantistics (Thomas Dana)

Finally won my league this year for the first time in 10 years. I finally stuck with the software and made a few picks I normally would not have made. In the end, they ended up working out for me. I rolled through the season and won my league by 10 points. The daily newsletters were helpful as they tipped me off to people worth taking a look at. Thanks! (Jay Dreyer)

Finished first during the season and first in the playoffs using Fantistics info extensively.  Your service kept me a half step ahead in a very competitive league. Loved the daily e-mails and the prospects info. Thanks and see you next year. (Jerry Kirby)

See the details of the Player Projections Software


First let me start by stating again that you guys RULE !!!!!!!  You guys have a really hard job selling your product in my opinion since most of your subscribers are probably like me and won't tell their competition their source. I do feel bad not touting your praises but the insight the Daily emails provide is invaluable and I cherish the fact that I don't think any other owner in my league gets that information.   As stated above I was the champion of my primary league (the one I'm commish for). I also managed to wrestle away the total points prize (worth over $600) in the last week of the regular season. All together my team won over $1100 with a cost of about $300 (I made a lot of moves).   In our league we bid for free agents, your insight on them is probably the biggest reason I succeeded.   Free agents I acquired this year include: Cole Hamels (was willing to pay top dollar for him and in the end he's one of the reasons I won total points and the championship), Freddy Sanchez, Jared Weaver, Joe Borowski, Akinori Otsuka, and Mark Teahen. All these players put up great stats and we not drafted by anyone. Oops almost forgot Alex Rios who was awesome in the first half of the season and E Loaiza who was a stud in the end.   My draft was pretty good too: Harrang, Santana, Schmidt & Lackey made pitching easy for most of the year even before Hamels and Weaver came along. You were high on Ramon Hernandez and even though he fell off towards the end he was great in the 1st half and really performed at the end (I actually took him out while he slumped).   I won my championship partly b/c of two moves in the end that your started into motion. First I was going to bench Ramon Hernandez after reading that he was hit in the ankle and might miss a few games (can't chance a goose egg in the final week). Your Monday update told me he was fine (had a big day on that Sunday) so I played him and he put up about 50 pts in the championships 2nd week (we play a 2 week championship to allow for more even starter balance between the 2 teams). Second and probably the biggest key, I was hurting for pitching a little, my opponent had more starts, I only had a small lead after week 1 and Schmidt, Harrang and Lackey had all been struggling. Who do I find for the final week thanks to your insight, Rich Hill!!! Hill pitched great in that last week including a complete game 2 hit 10k shutout to hammer a nail in my victory. I can't thank you enough.    I've probably said it before but it is worth saying again, the daily emails are priceless (that doesn't mean you should charge more, ha). Baseball, so much more than football, is won and lost largely because of how well teams manage their rosters through free agency. Your insight helps me figure out who is worthwhile, what fliers to take a chance on and when to let someone go who just doesn't have it anymore (Rios). Thank you.  You have a customer for LIFE. (Richard Drucis)

First time user won the regular season which is way more impressive than having one down week in the playoffs and losing.  I will be using it again next season. ...For obvious reasons I won't be recommending it to any of my friends. (Ben Allen)

Great Advise and made me win my Leaugue (Mark Vukich)


Great job again this year!! (Chris Spere)

Great job! im always looking forward to get the info first at season opening, and kick every contender a.. (Luis Gerardo Venegas Guerrero)

great package, an asset for any style of play; informative and entertaining (George Ursia)

Great resource that most people aren't aware of.  It will definitely give you a leg-up. (Ben Boytor)

Great site and superb projection software, your site has changed my team from a cellar dweller to a team that's in the hunt every year! (David Bush)

GREAT STUFF..keep it coming, more of everything in 2k7! (Chris Graham)

Great tool. so far when i use your product i'm 2-0 in my league.  (Fred Mann)

Have subscribed to Fantistics for the last 4 years and have won my league the last 4 years. (Mark Mathewson)

I agree with the earlier submissions patience pays off. I stuck with Morneau, probably cause I'm Canadian, and picked him up in a couple of leagues after he was trashed by most analysts. The early alert on Jared Weaver was a bonus as I find your analysis most helpful in making transactions and early signs of possible injury problems, as well as who may be an up and coming impact player. I'll be back next year; you're comments are worth the price of admission. (Len rowantree)

I am back next year for sure.  This is the best software I have used for fantasy baseball.  I have been in a league for 8 years and never even stiffed the top 3.  This year I win it all.  Thanks. (Jeff Rotondo)

I currently play in a 10 team keeper league,(10 keepers/year).  I joined the league 3 years ago. I believe the league has actually been in existence for 10+ years.  I inherited the last place team 3 years ago and will probably end this season in 3rd or 2nd place. There is always next year.   I find your services invaluable. (Keith Jewell)

I find this site one of the better ones, with just enough stats to keep you alerted to your players and a lot of insight from the staff. I will be back next year for sure. (William Graham)

I finished 1st for the second year in a row using your software. I don't use it as much during the year, but i find it invaluable for having a successful draft. I would not go into a draft without it. I love how you can customize the rankings as we do not use traditional categories. We use total bases, walks, runs, SBs, RBIs and Wins (7pts), Saves (7pt), IPs, Ks, and ER(-1). None of the magazines and most of the other web sites do not rank for these categories. Thanks! (tim cunningham)

I finished 2nd for the second year in a row.  I'm looking forward to finishing 1st next year!  I could not have done as well without your help. (Jason Ingber)

I finished first in my AL/NL 4x4 league and second in my AL only 4x4 league thanks to the information and tools you provide. I especially like your complete information on young players and prospects. It allowed me to grab them ahead of other owners either in the auction or even during the season when they were called up. Not only did I finish at or near the top, both are keeper leagues and I am in a great position for next year with my young players. (Steve Lawn)

I genuinely appreciate your service and will continue to use it.  I believe that you provide valuable information and accurate analysis.  I would recommend your service, at least to people outside of my league.  I even base a lot of my own analysis on your  written comments and advice.    (Brent Tikkanen)

I had reported last year at this time that I was going to finish second, instead I pulled out an amazing upset and won the league for my three-peat.  Going for the four-peat was doable at the first part of the year, but the collapse of Brad Lidge and Jose Valverde really hurt my chances.  I also drafted Dan Uggla, who nobody knew.  You were the only guys predicting a great year out of him.  Nice work! (Matt Wilson)

I have never enjoyed baseball more!!! Keep up the good work. (Frank Moseley)

I have used the site for the past six years and have always finished in the top four.  Three of the past six years were as champion and two were runner up years.  I owe a great deal of that success to Fantistics. (Terry Bley)

I look at many sources everyday, but Fantistics is by far the most useful to me.  I actually check my e-mail each morning to look at your report before checking my own league stats!! (David Frombach)

I love Fantistics ...  I played in a league for three years placing 2nd once and 1st twice.  Honestly that league became too easy as I had a leg up on the competition.  I joined my current league for two reasons 1) alot more competitive 2) the payouts are a lot more appealing.  We finished in 3rd in our inaugural season and look to finish 2nd this season.  Yeah, the $49.95 is well worth it.  Since joining Fantistics I can just about count on Fantasy Baseball payouts as an annual income ...  This is my 4th season and I can't wait to see what the fifth brings ... (James Conwell)

I love major league baseball and the challenge of competing in fantasy competition.  My subscription to Fantistics (6 years) helps me to establish my optimum starting lineup and easily stay on top of all the hitting and pitching changes I need to make throughout the year.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to renewing my subscription in 2007. (Roger Beckley)

I must say that your site is great.  I look forward to the daily e-mails. (Jamed Westin)

I only hope that no one else in my league catches on to what you guys do because it gives me a clear cut edge especially in the way our league is set up.  Keep up the great work and I will see you in the spring. (Brian Roecker)

i participate in a "carryover" auction 5x5 AL league.  i had no holdovers while others had several good ones, i.e., kazmir at $12, figgins at $11, etc.  i still finished 3rd due to your projections analysis and shrewd trades with your help.  my highest draft picks were Wilkerson at $25 and Bobby Crosby at $25 and I traded them at the right times with your help for the likes of Kelvim Escobar, BJ Ryan, and K-Rod.  There was no way I should've finished even 5th, but I finished 3rd and I could not have done that without you.  Love the 2-wk rotation projections, the prospect central, and the Weekly Lineup, just fantastic.  I finished 1st in my rookie year of an established 12-team straight draft NL League.  Your service helped me locate Matt Cain, Cole Hamels, Jason Jennings, Josh Barfield, Ryan Howard, Rickie Weeks, Adrian Gonzalez, and Aaron Heilman as my 2nd tier players which catapulted me to the championship. (Scott Westgate)

I play in a 12-team, NL only, 6x6 H2H keeper league. We start 8 hitters and 8 pitchers each week. We can only pickup or drop players on each Friday and linups for the week must be set 30 minutes prior to the first game on each Monday. Your 14-day Pitching Rotation  and Weekly Lineup Rater are absolutely critical to me and those features have helped me succeed the last three years. Of course, your Projections Software are absolutely essential to my draft preparation. You probably have a customer for life. Thanks for all your expertise and insight. (Kevin Beer)

I really like the site. It's nice to have all of the tools to win your league on one site. It's easy to read and very helpful for the draft and during the season. Count me in for 07. (Jeff Imes)


I think you have the best service I have used so far and I plan to resubscribe next year.  One of your strong points is you admit your misses from the previous year which the other services don't do.  Also:  You might be interested in knowing that I am part owner-creator of Fantasybaseballheaven.com, a free/pay internet company which we started 4 yrs. ago, featuring combined current and historical players on the same team in a 162 game schedule with head-to-head scoring compiled in the standings on a daily basis.  We even include greats from the Negro leagues. (Steven Smith)

I think you made a terrific job year after year. The most important moments in season are draft day and fantistics subscription confirmation! Can't wait for next season.      Congratulations! (0000000840 Anonymous)

I think your service is great.   (Ken Steinberg)

I truly enjoy the daily emails, when I am on the road I can keep up with my team. (John Schmidt)

I truly find your service fantastic.  The drafting software is remarkable, and updates during the season are excellent.  I have used other services but not with as nearly much success.  But I think the most valuable service you have provided is what I have learned over the years.  It is hard to quantify, but my approach to fantasy baseball has dramatically improved to where I feel confident in what I am doing...and it shows in my team's performance.  Keep up the great work. (Paul Hoh)

I use this site to help me sift through the 1000's of stats to boil it down to the useful information.  You give me the information, strategy, and then I go and execute that plan on draft day and in picking up prospects.  Great Site! (Jamie Fosgate)

I was extremely satisfied with the Fantisitics Software and services.  This was my 1st season with Fantistics and my 1st season in a live in person draft league and with the help of your projections and cheatsheets I feel that my draft was a large part of how successful my season was.  Also I have to mention that the assistance I received from Lyle Logan played a big role in my championship run.  So thank you to Lyle and thank you to fantistics for helping me win my first ever fantasy baseball championship.  I will definitely be back in 07. (Ken Gardner)

I was impressed with the hitting statistics. I took a large amount of chances at the draft and it worked in my favor. I contribute most of that to Fantistics.... I finished third and had a chance for first right up until the last day of the season. The best finish I have had in this league so far. (Marcus Hale)

Kudos to Fanistics and their staff for ALL of the information they provide (I can't believe there are more ways to dissect or forecast the numbers, but I am sure Anthony is thinking hard !) and of course the daily brand of wit, humor and sarcasm that make the daily reading easy.  It is always a long, long battle, but I have learned some valuable lessons this year and am already preparing for next year (Just like Theo and my Beloved Red Sox). That's 6 straight years in the money and 7 with Fantistics, coincidence, I think not !! THANKS! (Mark Dooling)

I was skeptical at first about downloading a program and player projections but there is no disputing the results.  I just hope the others in my pool don't find out about my source for information. (Bill Ressler)

I was very pleased the the content of the web site and the draft software. (Roy Schonberg)

I won our playoffs for the 3rd time in 4 years, with all four years being a Fantistics subscriber.  Great draft package, but it is the regular season information that allows me to out-research the competition and bring home the hardware.  The "other year" when I did not win, I still had the 2nd best regular season record (by 1/2 pt), but got upset in the playoffs. (Jeff Taylor)

I would highly recommend this program to everyone except to the other members in my league. (Tom Willard)

I'll be back. (Bill Lind)

I'm addicted to Fantistics.  I consistently have the highest scoring team in my points based league and I draft entirely off of the fantistics draft software.  Your site puts me in position to win every year! (robert bandy)

I've been a customer since 2003 and have improved every year. I love saying names that no one ever heard of. This year was Francisco Liriano and Dan Uggla. I traded them for Pujols and Andruw Jones!! I'm playing for first place during the last weekend of the season - not watching football this year!! I think this season was very successful, even after my second place finish last year. (Robert Romano)

I've won our Championship 2 years in a row.  Before that, I missed the Championship by 2 points.  Before Fantistics, I was a middle-of-the-packer.  I wouldn't suggest anyone not using Fantistics, since the competitors probably are. (Tanker Cook)

In my Yahoo and private leagues I had great drafts using your projections and increased my lead throughout the season. I had a terrible beginning in the DC, had to use several buys to stay at least somewhat competitive, and now will finish 2nd in my league, recovering all my costs for the year--Happy about that! (Larry Aulich)

In ten minutes each day, I could get news of my players plus players who I might be looking to trade for or free agents, plus injury updates. (Ron Clark)

It's almost not fair for me to have access to all this data. I have begun to dominate all competition in both public and private leagues using principles and analysis I have picked up here at Fantistics. (0000000681 Anonymous)

keep up the good work (stephen pieratt)

Keep up the great work! (James Schwarz)

Keep up the great work.  The daily emails are so helpful that I can't even begin to thank you. (Chris Sardella)

Liked the site a lot.  I don't use a lot of your services, so I don't really know if they are good or bad.  I love the daily emails and the monthly midseason rankings the most. (Grady Holt)

Love the site - the 14 day Rotation Planner allowed me to stay ahead of the other teams by grabbing 2-start pitchers a week ahead of their 2-start week.  I know the other teams were looking at the Wed/Thurs sports section to see who pitched and by then, I had already picked up the 2-start pitchers. (Mike Clark)

Love this stuff year in and year out. The draft day software is an absolute must and having the stats at your fingertips throughout the year allow quick reference to work trades and sign free agents.  Can't wait to see you in the Spring of 2007. -Sidewinders (Matthew Stovall)

Loved the draft software and solid pre season projects helped me snag the budget picks to go with my big gum keepers.  (Brennan Brown)

My first year with you was great. It's worth twice the price, but please don't raise it. (Bill Warnock)

My primary league is an 11 team mixed fantasy points league.  The last few years I have come to agree that pitching is, by far, the hardest projections to make.  Based on that I concentrate on loading up my offense and usually turnover a good portion of my pitching staff through the waiver wire and or trades.  This season, our 11th I became the first team to win the league by being in first for the entire season (week 1 through week 26). Your advice on free agent pitchers let me pickup Jered Weaver, Justin Verlander, and Josh Johnson which really solidified my pitching staff.  I have now won back to back and three of the last four years as compared to 2 in the first 7 years (John Scheer)

Once again Fantistics makes me look like a prophet in my league.  Your information allows me to knowledgeably forecast when I should pick up a player and when I should sell "high".  For the 4th out of 5 years I have been overall champion in my league.  Other owners have literally created new rules to try and slow down my teams, but with the info that you guys provide, it never seems to matter. (Eric Frans)

Overall, with the preseason projections, daily reports and all the in-season tools that is included in the service, I would highly consider purchasing this service again next year. (Jeff Zielke)

See you next year! (Jeff Troutman)

thank you (Joseph Termini)

Thanks for another great season. (Kevin Robins)

The daily updates help.    As I was posting roster transactions this year, a daily update came up and suggested taking a flyer on Brandon Phillips, and I did.    I also took McCann last year (as a prospect and was able to retain him).    Also I have some hope this year from prospects such as Theriot and Baker.   Don't use my name, but just show RCA. (RCA)

The information alone is a steal at $49.  The model used to select players in a draft is a must read. (Robert Fenili)

The most information you could possibly hope for! (Eric Van Marter)

The projections and utilization of the FPI have proven successful for my drafts consistently for 6 years.  the in season analysis and tools are extremely beneficial for plugging in pickups when drafted players are hurt or in a slump.  Your service does all the leg work I wish I had the time to do and makes the entire season fun and interesting! (Eric DiLullo)

This has always been a great site, great info, very well done.  This year the Expected Auction Value absolutely took it to another level.  You can only do so well if you have a bad auction and this tool is a great help there. (Brian Heldman)

This is my second year using your service and my second year finishing a close second out of 12 teams in my private league.   The Daily Reports were key to my success.  Being able to get timely news about current and possible players is essential to good managing.  The ability to easily add and remove players made it extremely useful. I read them every day religiously.  That alone was worth the subscription.  Thanks. (Carl Botti)

This is the 2nd time I have won and I truly believe if it wasn't for your site ,especially, the draft software, I couldn't have finished that well (Conrad Baker Jr)

Thorough information, friendly, fun and easy to follow graphics daily  and timely information This is the only fantasy baseball service that I need in a word Excellent! Thank you Insider Baseball I'll see you next year. (robert palmer)

Very pleased, and will more then likely sign-up for next year... (Ted French)


We took the preseason fantasy point projections and handicapped all 9 teams after the draft. 7 of the 9 teams finished in the position that you (we) projected and the other 2 teams flip-flopped.  We have never finished out the 1st division in 15 years, using a system we created similar to yours. But yours takes the much of the "detail" work out of our efforts.  It is an incredibly useful tool! (norm klein)

Well - you can publish this, but you probably won't.    Unlike the previous several years (during which I came in first or second in my hyper-competitive keeper league five times), I fell to seventh this year, despite some ridiculously good picks.  The reasons? Wilkerson, Barmes, Cliff Lee, Beckett, Marcus Giles....  All of them crapped out.  They cost me a third straight championship. (Mike McMorrow)

Winning Fantasy baseball is all about getting the crucial information before everyone else so that you can act upon that information before everyone else in the league. Each year our fantasy league plays, the members have been getting better educated and the competition has been tougher. Fantistics has been a great equalizer and the advantage is almost unfair to the other players. I'm too busy in my real life to scour all the sports pages and then digest all of that information to act upon it. Fantistics gives me just about all I need to keep ahead of everyone else. I loved the hot and cold reporting and the up and down value indicators. (Rob Clark)

With your help was able to identify and pick up names like Sowers, Jamie Shields, Mark Howe, Matt Garza and Nate Robinson that helped to turn around a disatrous start by the staff that I drafted. (Rich Harden, Jeff Weaver, Paul Byrd).  Guys like Eric Chavez, Coco Crisp, Jeff Mathis, Johnny Peralta and Gary Sheffield, who looked great on paper in April,  did me in. (Dan Martin)

Without a doubt, Fantistics gave me an edge over my rivals. All three of my teams made it to the finals this year, and Fantistics was a great help from start to finish. I definitely recommend Fantistics for those that are in competitive leagues. (Michael Freeman)

Wow, I finished in first place in three out of four leagues! Can't do much better than that. Thanks again, for the pre-season stats and great reporting throughout the season. I'll be back!!! (George Darany)

You are the best!  I've been using you for baseball for 5 years and football for 2, and I love everything!  The software is a life saver for draft prep, and your daily updates are not only very helpful from making roster changes to picking up the newest prospects, but very often laugh out loud funny.  Thanks for all your hard work...I'll definitely be back next year!! (Rob Henschen)

You guys have earned your stripes again. Nobody saw how great Hanley Ramirez  was going to be this year. I plucked him off the waiver wire in week 2 . It was your perspective that guided me to selecting Aaron Harang as my 2nd starter. He led the league in K's!! (Bill Cherico)

You guys kept me 'in the know' the whole season. Several key pickups based on your projections meant all the difference. Can't wait until 2007!  Jim Kauss Kauss Potato (jim kauss)

You have a customer for life. (Chris Brand)

1st year and finished at top, with out your information never would of picked up guys like uggla,zimmerman,matt murton, luke scott and at great prices hope to  keep it up next year with your help thank you (charles evans)

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