Wanted Baseball Analyst

Do you have an infinity for baseball statistical analysis and want to display your knowledge to thousands of readers within the Baseball community? If you have a solid understanding of advanced baseball statistics and have good written skills, consider joining our analytical group. Weíre looking for 1 or 2 individuals to join our team.

As one of the leading Fantasy Sports sites, we are currently looking for analysts to join our daily lineup this Baseball season. If you are interested please read through the basic requirements requested:

1. Extensive Baseball knowledge with ability to understand Sabermetric analysis

2. Excellent written communication skills and the ability to communicate in an interesting tone (we donít want to put our readers to sleep).

3. Ability to base written communications with heavy statistical references.

4. Ability to spot player trends, have an understanding of our player charts and/or sabermetrics data available on other sites such as www.fangraphs.com

5. Ability to report on daily happenings relating to MLB players 1 or 2 evening a week, with solid fantasy advice.

The selected writer will start contributing one day or two days a week during the season with 15-20 player blurbs on his/her selected day. The reports are due by midnight 12:00 AM EST. We already have a service that provides us with player news, we are looking for an individual to go beyond what you might read in a newspaper, and base their thoughts on statistical indicators.

An example or a player blurb would be as follows: Chris Capuano (SP-NYM) Capuano did not earn a decision on Thursday against the Cardinals. He allowed 4 runs on 8 hits, 2 home runs and 2 walks while striking out 4 in 4.2 innings of work. His ERA increased to 4.55, but an xFIP of 3.73 suggests that Capuano might be a nice pickup next season. He posted an above average strikeout rate of 7.95 K/9, and has a swinging strike rate of 10.7 percent. This season he has been hurt mostly by a BABIP of .313 despite having a line drive of 17.3 percent. In fact most of his hits allowed yesterday were on ground balls. However, if he does not stay with the Mets next season, his overall value will decrease. He came into the game with a 3.16 FIP at home and a 4.77 FIP on the road, and he has given up 17 of his 25 home runs on the road.

Our founder, a statistician will personally work with you and provide you with the necessary resources and structure.


1. You will not be quitting your day job! However this is an excellent way to make a few extra bucks doing something that you enjoy.  We are not looking for someone thatís more interested in the extra cash, but rather someone who really enjoys to write about Baseball and doesnít mind receiving some compensation in return.

2. Exposure and recognition from an existing subscriber base and tens of thousands of interested newsletter readers from across the country. This includes executives from several major league teams and major media outlets.

If interested please reply by email to staff@fantistics.com , with a bio of yourself which includes your fantasy experience and a sample write-up (10 paragraphs on 10 players) with heavy references to statistical performance.



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