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Sample of Past Weekly Minor League Prospect Fantasy Report

Moises Sierra - Outfielder - Blue Jays

I had already seen a lot of Moises Sierra by the time the Eastern League All-Star game rolled into Manchester N.H. on the banks of the Merrimack River last summer, but he never really managed to catch much of my attention until I saw his BP that day, and watched him in the HR derby before the game.

The air was heavy with an approaching rainstorm that day and the rest of the participants in the derby were struggling and showing obvious their obvious frustration with the conditions. Moises however was putting in a show, launching lasers and moon shots that left the park as if he were hitting in different weather altogether. He also hit the longest shot I have ever seen at the ballpark, a 450+ blast that cleared the batting eye in CF. The most impressive part of that shot however was that he didnít get it all. It was a high, lazy, rainmaker (literally)  that didnít look like it would get out of the park until it did ...and then some.

He had my attention after that night. I wrote in Prospect Central that weekend recalling how he had lost a lot of 2010 to pair of injuries, a micro fracture to his shin and a hamate bone break. That had set him back some, but he still made some gains across the board with the Fisher Cats, improving his zone control, power and contact skills. He built on those gains in AAA this year too, against higher level pitching, and did everything he was asked to do to earn this call up. Of course a few trades and a few more injuries to the Blue Jayís outfield played their part too.

Sierra is capable defensively but he has a plus-plus arm that makes him a comfortable fit in RF. Thatís always a plus on the playing-time resume. Heís a slugger who can probably approach league average in the BA column. He has shown some speed in the minors but that wonít translate at all to the majors, as his base running skills are raw at best.

Itís impossible at this point to avoid the comparisons to former teammate Eric Thames. Moises hits right handed, he hits for less average, he takes a hair more walks, but Thames makes for a pretty good comp. 

The 23-year-old should see some significant playing time for the Jays which makes him a factor immediately. Entering the weekend he had hit in 5- of -6 games with 2 multiple hit games and a pair of HRs. Moises is probably not a high-impact player and he projects to be a borderline regular, meaning that on a weaker club, or in an unhealthy outfield he could hang on to some PT, but heís unlikely to find regular playing time on a good/healthy team. Heís worth a look while heís playing and heíll make some contributions, just donít get overly enthralled. 

Long Term Fantasy Grade - C  

YR Lvl   AB   AVG   ISO  HR  SB   BB%    K% BABIP

08 A    451  .246  .118   9  12   5.3  23.3  .308

09 A+   405  .286  .106   5  10   7.4  14.4  .328

09 AA    34  .353  .118   1   0   2.8  22.2  .423

10 A+    37  .162  .108   1   0   2.5  27.5  .185

11 AA   495  .277  .160  18  16   7.1  16.9  .307

12 AAA  377  .289  .183  17   7   9.2  20.1  .332

12 MLB   42  .333  .167   2   1   2.3  16.3  .364


Dylan Bundy - RHP - Orioles

I am going to revisit Dylan Bundy who was promoted to AA earlier this week. The 6-1 righty started the season ranked comfortably in the top-15 on almost all prospects lists, and in the top-10 on many, and heís considered one of the best high school pitching prospects ever.

While his height is borderline, Dylanís mechanics are mind-bogglingly advanced for his age, and they are clean and repeatable. He throws an already-plus curve, and a developing change behind his fastball arsenal. Dylan pops triple digits on occasion with his 4-seam, has a low-90s 2-seam and he throws a lively cutter. That latter pitch is an additional reason that Dylanís promotion is compelling.

Weíd be happy enough to see how a top pitching prospect fares in AA at the ripe old age of 19 (2 earned in 5 IP on 5 hits, 3 walks and 3 Ks in his debut Tuesday), even if it werenít for an interview that GM Dan Duquette just gave masnsports.comís Steve Melewski this week, in which he said  "First of all, the cut fastball, we don't like it as a pitch, OK? And we don't like it for young pitchers because it takes away from the development of their curveball, which is a better pitch long-term and also, the velocity of their fastball.Ē

"Why don't you take a look at the chart with the average against cutters in the big leagues, batting average against and then come back and tell me that that's a great pitch," Duquette said.

"We don't like the cutter. We don't like the cutter as an effective pitch. Name me all the great pitchers that used it as their primary pitch in the big leagues."

Steve deftly offered up Mariano Rivera and Duquette dismissed that by claiming Mo doesnít throw one, he throws a fastball. So if you want to start picking apart the debatable aspects of Danís philosophy, that would be a good place to start.

For the purposes of our discussion, Steve continued his great job asking if the organization had told Dylan not to throw his cutter:  "I don't know. I don't have an idea, but I can tell why we have that philosophy. Better long-term yield for the pitchers," Duquette said.

I am going to assume itís an utterly ridiculous concept to think the GM doesnít know what his top prospect is told to do or not to do, and so I am going to take that answer as ďYesĒ.

Steve also asked if the move to AA was to prep Dylan for a September call-up: "All the players need to distinguish themselves in Double-A, that's the proving ground. I'd prefer players to prove themselves in Double-A before we consider them for the major leagues"

Thatís a fair answer.

While I donít think itís inconceivable that Dylan could get an appearance or two in the majors in September I donít believe the Orioles would have any intentions beyond  letting him dip a toe in the water.

I have seen nothing in Dylanís performance this year that has diminished his prospect status in my eyes, but then again we really havenít seen much yet. The prospect rubber doesnít hit the road until AA.  His high-A tour didnít start in a particularly dominant fashion but he had it going at the end. I expect his AA tour to take a similar path. Donít be put off by anything you might see between here and September, Dylan will be an elite prospect this winter as long as he stays healthy. If he were 6-5 heíd be a clear A+ ... For now though, my grade remains ...

Long Term Fantasy Grade - A     

YR Lvl    IP   ERA  WHIP    K9  BB9  HR9   OBA BABIP  LOB%

12 A    30.0  0.00  0.23  12.0  0.6  0.0  .053  .091  77.8

12 A+   54.1  2.98  1.20  10.4  2.8  0.8  .239  .323  78.0

12 AA    5.1  3.38  1.50   5.1  5.1  0.0  .238  .278  62.5

Gerrit Cole - RHP - Pirates

Gerrit Cole has handled his jump to AA quite well, posting a 3.19 ERA and 1.17 WHIP in 48 IP over 10 starts. His indicators actually made gains in the jump, including his K/9, BB/9 and K%.

The #1 overall pick in 2011 is a 6-4/220 pound right-hander who is built to be a power pitcher. His legs and torso are strong and well-developed. Heís got the haunches that mark the type of lead horses that head up rotations.

Cole throws a 4-seam that tickles 100, and it doesnít give much of any ground from the stretch. When cruising in the mid-nineties his fastball has outstanding life. He throws a hard-biting slider that changes lanes and drops. Heís installing a change but it lacks consistency and at times his arm speed drops.

His stat line doesnít show it yet because batters havenít asked for it yet but his control and command is raw. He still tends to overthrow and lose the zone. Location may not big as big a deal to him as some because he beat hitters with strikes but the ability to elevate effectively could be deadly if he can hone it.

All of the ancillary aspects of his game need work as well, holding runners and sequencing for example. There are questions about his ability to handle adversity on the mound, and his drive to compete as well. To this point at least it doesnít matter, his raw stuff trumps all.

Thereís every possibility that Cole makes a September appearance or two and he is capable of being effective out of the box. Heís quite likely to leave camp with the Bucs next year.

Long Term Fantasy Grade - A+

YR Lvl    IP   ERA  WHIP    K9  BB9  HR9   OBA BABIP  LOB%

12 A+   67.0  2.69  1.10   9.3  2.8  0.7  .213  .274  75.7

12 AA   48.0  3.19  1.17   9.8  2.4  0.4  .232  .313  65.2


Jake Elmore  - Infielder - Diamondbacks
The Diamondbacks purchased the contract of Jake Elmore last weekend in response to Willie Bloomquistís trip to the DL . He had two starts and a pinch hit appearance on the week heading into this weekend going 2- for -9 with a pair of singles. 

Jake has posted a pretty good minor league stat line in his first tour of AAA at 25 years old. Heís hit .344/.442/.465 in 419 ABs, and heís stolen 32 bases. All with gains in his already solid zone control. This year his walk rate is higher than his K rate, and both are career bests as are his BA, OBP, and SLG% and SB total. Jakeís been helped by a favorable .386 BHIP and the rarified offensive air of the PCL to be sure, but heís produced LDs at a pretty good clip (26%) and if you can do that, and swing at strikes and lay off balls, you have won the majority of the battle, in any league.

Picked in the 34th round out of Arizona State, Jake has exceeded expectations and earned this trip to the big club. But keep the fact that he collected this yearís numbers in the PCL in mind and keep in mind heís been in a three-month free-fall in BA from .330 in June to .283 in July to .220 in 123 August ABs (interestingly enough, with BHIPs of .359, .321, .271).

Despite his SBs, his speed skills are not rated highly, and despite his LD% and K%, neither are his contact skills. Heís also arriving at 25, so I am going to go with the scouts on this one. Jake does however have all the skills to hang  onto a roster spot in a utility role, and he may be able to string together some decent runs at the plate, although I donít think his speed game will translate very well in the majors.

I donít see Jake having a big impact this year or long term   

Long Term Fantasy Grade  C-

YR Lvl   AB   AVG   ISO  HR  SB   BB%    K% BABIP

09 A    387  .258  .093   3  13  13.3  12.0  .293

10 AA   388  .278  .067   2  25  12.6  12.1  .316

11 AA   381  .270  .079   3  15  11.8  14.2  .309

12 AAA  419  .344  .122   1  32  14.5  10.6  .386


Mike Olt - First Base - Rangers

This may not have been what Mike Olt owners had hoped for after his strong AA campaign and his call up to the Rangers, but heís been seeing some playing time and heís finding his feet.

The 49th overall pick in the 2010 draft ravaged AA this year (.288/.398/.579) with 28 HRs in 354 ABs. He fanned like a slugger (24%) and was the beneficiary of a favorable .327 BHIP. He also walked 14% of the time, but at a certain point thatís more about the fear of opposing pitchers than it is his plate discipline. Major league pitchers will be less fearful until they find a hole in his swing, and then they will become the hunters.

A third baseman by trade, Mike is blocked by Adrian Beltre so heíll be mostly limited to DH/1B and occasional RF duty. The Rangers had expressed reluctance to play him in the OF but he got a start RF against the Yankees on Thursday.

Mike is a talented slugger and will be a fantasy contributor in the long term. But we havenít had the AAA stint we need to determine how much his weaknesses are going to be exposed at the major league level. Heíll eventually slug, but heís going to strike out a lot, and itís possible his walk rate will wither in the majors as well, resulting in BAs and OBPs that could be borderline enough to affect his playing time.. And of course in the short term, sporadic playing time and a two-level adjustment will inflame all those issues. His 2012 contribution potential is questionable, and I do have concerns about the entirety of his skill set ... but he will hit some homers.

Long Term Fantasy Grade - B-

YR Lvl   AB   AVG   ISO  HR  SB   BB%    K% BABIP

10 A-   263  .293  .175   9   6  12.9  24.8  .378

11 A+   240  .267  .238  14   0  16.4  24.0  .314

12 AA   354  .288  .291  28   4  14.5  24.0  .327

12 MLB   18  .222  .056   0   1  16.7  25.0  .286





These reports are just part of our Prospect Central section, every week we publish in-depth profiles on the players that you should be considering adding to your fantasy rosters. Who are the other minor league prospects to consider this year? Sign up for our premium package and dominate your league starting today.

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