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Sample of Past Weekly Minor League Prospect Fantasy Report

Taylor Jordan Ė SP -  Nationals

Taylor Jordan is one of two young starting pitchers, along with Taylor Roark, with which the Nationals have opened the season. The two pitchers battled for the available 5th slot in the rotation but a lat injury to Doug Fister in camp made that competition moot for now. Roark is probably the more ready of the two, and was likely the winner of the spot out of camp, but Jordan is generally considered to have a little more upside.

In his short time in the majors to this point Taylor has shown a variety of fastballs, mainly two-seamers, adding up to about 62% of his deployment. Much of the rest is divided pretty equally between a slider (19%) and a change (16%) except for the rare sighting of a curve. His velocity isnít stunning at 92, and neither is his differential of 11mph between his various fastballs and his change and so he works a bit backwards, using his fastballs to keep hitters off his offspeed offerings. That approach had hitters chasing in his 51.2 IP last year in the majors, to the tune of about 36%, but that chase rate only resulted in a K/9 of a hair over 5. He has just 54 IP in the high minors due to TJS, and Taylor did a little better punching out hitters in AAA at 7.17/9, but thatís not his game.

The 25-year-old, right-handerís keys to any success he will have is 3-fold. He has kept the ball in the ball park, his command is extremely polished and should be a plus tool for him, and  he throws groundballs, thanks to a good sink to his two-seamer, and good depth on his change.   Speed and location pitchers, without punch out ability, work on a small margin of error, although Jordan handles the usually problems (HR and BBs) well, and heís in a major league situation in Washington that will maximize his skill set.

In the majors, Taylor will have to show us he can attain a reasonable K/9, in the high sixes. If he can climb towards 7/9 he becomes an interesting fantasy asset with the ceiling of a borderline #3. Below 6.5/9 his value will be limited. He doesnít look terribly flammable, but unless he ups his K rate, he doesnít look like heíll be much more than a neutral factor in ERA and WHIP while being a subpar contributor in Ks. He could be considered as a fairly safe stop-gap innings eater for your team, but heís likely to be a better MLB pitcher, than fantasy pitcher. Unless your reserves or minor league component is very deep, you should spend the space on higher-reward prospects

Long-Term Fantasy Grade Ė B-

YR Lvl     IP   ERA  WHIP    K9  BB9  HR9   OBA BABIP  LOB%

11 A     94.1  2.48  1.20   6.0  2.2  0.1  .243  .291  68.9

12 A-    14.1  8.16  1.47  10.7  1.3  0.0  .297  .404  40.0

12 A     40.0  4.05  1.53   6.3  2.0  0.5  .319  .376  70.1

13 A+    36.1  1.24  1.02   7.2  1.5  0.3  .226  .280  78.7

13 AA    54.0  0.83  0.85   7.2  1.5  0.0  .190  .243  88.2

13 MLB   51.2  3.66  1.35   5.1  1.9  0.5  .286  .322  66.9

Tanner Roark Ė SP Ė Nationals.  

Tanner Roark was one of the more pleasant surprises for the Nationals last year, and for his fantasy owners, in his great 5-start September run (3-1, 1.74). The bottom line is that heís really not all that different than Taylor Jordan, in that heís a guy who is going to get it done on his control and his ability to coax groundballs.  He gets there a little differently than Jordon, with a heavy 4-seam, and a good slider, fronting a useable curve, and change that needs to get better. Tanner also has a half a foot more velocity than Jordan.

His strong control is the result of a switch-flipping moment in AAA last year when he started focusing more on the catcherís target. His command came along as well, which gave him the confidence to get more aggressive in throwing strikes, which in turn led to him working ahead in the count more often. All of these gains added up for Tanner when he returned to the majors.  He also benefited from a good relationship with some of the veterans on the Nationals staff.  

Roark cashed in some good fortune in that run last September however, including a .243 BABIP (.197 OBA) that seems remarkably favorable when you look at a 24+% line drive rate he allowed. Add in a nearly 80% LOB, and you start to feel some significant tailwinds which make his 2013 performance very soft.  Still his ability to control his walks, work ahead of hitters, and his 50% groundball rate all played a part.

Of course thereís no reason to expect a return to his 2013 level of performance. Still his command gains give you reason to believe he can rise above his minor league history a bit, but that ceiling isnít particularly high. Tanner could present some value at the back end of your rotation or picking his starts as a reserve if he can hold off Taylor Jordan for the final rotation slot when Doug Fister returns, but thatís all you should expect, or pay for.

Long Term Fantasy Grade Ė C+

YR Lvl     IP   ERA  WHIP    K9  BB9  HR9   OBA BABIP  LOB%

11 AA   117.0  4.69  1.40   7.1  3.0  0.8  .272  .322  67.5

12 AAA  147.2  4.39  1.41   7.9  2.9  0.9  .274  .332  65.2

13 AAA  105.2  3.15  0.99   7.2  1.7  0.5  .215  .258  65.3

13 MLB   53.2  1.51  0.91   6.7  1.8  0.2  .197  .243  79.8

Yordano Ventura Ė SP Royals

If you were assigned to scout Yordano Ventura youíd probably feel a little disappointed at first glance. Generously listed as 5-11/180, the right-hander doesnít fit the 2014 mold of a top pitching prospect. Sure there are exceptions, but generally we like our big-time right-handers to be at least tall if not stout. The disappointment wouldnít last howeverÖ Just long enough for him to trip triple digits with his excellent velocity skills. The first thing youíll notice after that is that he generates all of his velocity at far less than max effort.  That quality didnít translate into control and command as quickly as you might expect, but at 22, with 344 pro innings in his wake, Yordano is showing signs of growth in that area.

His velocity will hold your attention for a while, but pretty quickly you start to remember his height and how odd this all is. You remember that what you get with tall right handers is downward plane. And you remember that with stout right handers is durability. The other issue here is that Yordano is still very reliant on his fastball. Thereís nothing to dislike about his 97.5 mph average in the majors last year and the 16mph differential between his fastball and curve, but neither his curve nor his change is as developed as youíd like. They are going to get better, no doubt about it, but Iím wondering if, at the moment, they are enough to keep hitters off of his fastball. Then off course thereís the fact that he isnít exactly stingy with a walk either.

Thereís growth to be had with his secondary stuff, and his control and command, and the further along they come, the more formidable he will be. Thereís a lot of upside here, and as such Ventura is the type of prospect pitcher you look to invest in. Call me crazy though, but Iím not 100% convinced heís a major league starter. Thereís potential that his offspeed pitches, and command level, donít get good enough to withstand a third AB in a game, especially when the book on him starts to fill out. And even if heís not quite a max effort guy, there are durability issues with a small right-hander who lives on velocity. They arenít exact comps here for a couple of different reasons, but Ö Neftali Feliz and Aroldis Champman. Iím just saying.

All of that being said, in Ventura we have elite velocity, two offspeed pitches with potential, and an opportunity to start at 22 Ö Thatís the kind of high-ceiling situation that you look for when spending resources to develop kids in keeper/dynasty leagues. Of course his 2014 potential is a little iffier, as it would be with any young pitcher, but again his upside makes him a viable flier.  By all means take a shot if you have room and heís available, just be aware of the questions (including a potential innings limit this year,  if he does stick in the rotation). Grading him as a starter for the purposes of this piece and anticipating some gains with his secondary stuff and command Ö

Long Term Fantasy Grade Ė B

YR Lvl     IP   ERA  WHIP    K9  BB9  HR9   OBA BABIP  LOB%
12 A+    76.1  3.30  1.23  11.6  3.3  0.8  .225  .314  75.1

12 AA    29.1  4.60  1.23   7.7  4.0  0.3  .217  .275  62.2

13 AA    57.2  2.34  1.02  11.6  3.1  0.5  .189  .279  78.2

13 AAA   77.0  3.74  1.47   9.5  3.9  0.5  .269  .357  73.4

13 MLB   15.1  3.52  1.24   6.5  3.5  1.8  .224  .227  87.8

George Springer Ė OF Ė Astros

George Springer is 7 kinds of intriguing as a prospect in 2014. You look at him in trying to project him long term, and all kinds of mixed indicators pull you in a number of different directions. In my head Iíve come to know him as George ďThe Other HandĒ Springer as in ďOn the Other HandĒ.

What makes him so compelling is that he is the power/speed Unicorn we all chase in fantasy baseball. He has a 30/30 skill set, and perhaps itís even greater than that, because you can envision a future when he could post a 30/30 despite the flaws in his game, the chief among them his contact issues.  Last year in AAA he was 13 percentage points lower than league average in contact on swings. Thatís an issue but heís productive when he hits the ball, with 36 HRs and 45 SBs between AA and AAA last season, with averages of .297 (AA) and .311 (AAA). The general consensus is that his BABIPs were inflated at both stops and they were. His AA BABIP was .390 and his AAA BABIP was .362, neither of which seems sustainable with his 18% LD rates at both levels, but of course he has some speed game, so we expect a little bit higher BABIP.  He posted K rates of 29.7% and 24.4% respectively at the two levels but he took walks too.  Often, however,  in the minors thatís a reflection of the oppositionís approach to him, than it is Springerís approach at the plate.

Three questions come to mind:

1) Will he get better in terms of contact? Probably. Heís young, and is just past his first 1,000 pro ABs, a little over half of them in the high minors. Heíll be coached up, heíll learn. Heíll get better. Given his capabilities you can hold your nose and live with his 24.4% K rate in AAA last year as long as he walks 10%+ of the time, makes good contact and maximizes his speed.

2) Will things get worse when he comes to the majors? Probably, at least at first. MLB pitchers will not dance with him. He will not get a baseline of walks to pad his stat line. They will find the best way to beat him, and bludgeon him with them until he makes them stop.   On top of that, if he posts a .362 BABIP in the majors, heíll likely be among the top 10 in baseball in that column as he would have been last year, a couple of points better than Joey Votto.   Thatís not likely to happen. Heíll adapt and get better (See question 1), but his first tour in the majors will have some challenges unless and until he does.

3) How long before heís in the majors? To me this doesnít look like a talent question, or even an opportunity question. I think that all things being equal, the Astros would be allowing Springer to climb the MLB learning curve today. But all things arenít equal. There are service time issues, not the least of which is Super Two status. Thatís a bit tricky. Players who get Super Two status (STS) get an extra year of arbitration and a lot more of the clubís money than if they donít. The exact date of his promotion to the majors is likely based on when the Astros can bring him up and avoid allowing him STS. The problem there is that is not an exact date. Or at least itís not one that the Astros will know on that date, they wonít know until after the season. To be safe the Astros are going to need to wait until late June which means why not wait another week or two, let him play in the Futures Game and bring him up after the All-Star break. Thatís my best guess here.

Ok, there are four questions Ö What will he do when he gets here?

Heíll hit some homers, steal some bases, both totals being less than in your wildest dreams, and heíll likely hit about .260. Think Dexter Fowler, with significantly more pop.

But on the other hand Ö

Thereís a tremendous ceiling here and thatís worth rolling the dice on. In 2014 terms if you have the roster depth to wait for a player until at least the second half, heís a pretty good lottery ticket to have in your pocket. Over the long term we are back to where we started, a player with 30/30 capability (even if Alex Rios keeps popping in my head every time I think of George Springer). You just canít take that lightly. They reason we deal with prospects is so we can get to these types of players before everyone else. I see this as a very speculative endeavor, and I like potentially high-reward players. Hereís one.   In keeper leagues if you have room to develop players. This is the kind of guy you need to develop.   

Long Term Fantasy Grade Ė A

YR Lvl   AB   AVG   ISO  HR  SB   BB%    K% BABIP

11 A-    28  .179  .214   1   4   6.1   6.1  .160

12 A+   433  .316  .240  22  28  11.2  26.2  .404

12 AA    73  .219  .123   2   4   7.4  30.9  .304

13 AA   273  .297  .282  19  23  13.0  29.7  .390

13 AAA  219  .311  .315  18  22  15.4  24.4  .362

Xander Bogaerts Ė SS Ė Red Sox

The Sox and his fantasy owners alike hope that the Xander Bogaerts will be among the more productive prospects in 2014. Boston seems content with the idea of Xander being an everyday player, whether it be at SS if Will Middlebrooks can re-establish himself at the plate in the majors, or at third if he canít.

The 20-year-old  (at the time) was outstanding in the Red Sox postseason showing and abundance of his most compelling skill, currently, his advanced and mature approach at the plate and towards the game and the Major Leagues.  Heíll be just 21 for almost all of the 2014 season, but he has a significant pro history already including over 500 ABs in the high minors.  He had some chase and contact issues in his 71 ABs in the majors between the regular season and the postseason last year, but he took walks, especially on the big stage of the postseason and the World Series, and he looked positively un-phased in the brightest spotlight the game has to offer.  Xanderís minor league history tells us that heíll regain control of his strike zone and in fact he is already showing signs of that early in 2014 as he has gotten off to a hot start.   

Itís hard to read two paragraphs about Bogearts without reading the phrase ďperennial all-starĒ and Iím not here to tell you any different.  Listed at 6-3/185 Xander has easy power, if I can paraphrase a pitching concept of easy velocity. His swing mechanics rarely change because they rarely have to. He uses the whole field and pulls with power more than we are used to seeing from right-handed hitters in this day and age. He has quality power from the left field line to straight away right and he already generates good back spin, a skill/attribute that often is one of the last to appear with prospects.  As a result the ball comes off his bat with exceptional jump.   Xander will hit, and heíll hit with power, and the quickness in his hands, his simplicity to the ball, his plate coverage, and his ability to see the ball tells me heíll probably be a consistent hitter.

The questions about his future seem to relate to how heís going to fill out physically. The good news is that as he matures his power will mature as well. The bad news is that he may grow his way out of SS. Last year I was of the opinion that heís unlikely to stick at the position long, but he had a terrific camp at the position, made some strong defensive gains, and he seems committed. I still think he moves to third in the long run, but he could stick at short for 5 years or more, if thatís what the club wants for him. I also donít see much a speed game in his profile, so we arenít looking at a 5-fantasy-tool guy here. But I think you are going to like the other 4 tools, perennially.

Long Term Fantasy Grade Ė A+   

YR Lvl   AB   AVG   ISO  HR  SB   BB%    K% BABIP

12 A+   384  .302  .203  15   4   9.9  19.5  .353

12 AA    92  .326  .272   5   1   1.0  21.6  .373

13 AA   219  .311  .192   6   5  13.5  19.7  .378

13 AAA  225  .284  .169   9   2  10.9  17.2  .320

13 MLB   44  .250  .114   1   1  10.0  26.0  .323





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