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Fantistics Baseball Customer Testimonials

In our season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial which we could publish:

I've used Fantistics for five years now. I've placed no lower than third in a 12-person league, and have won my league twice. (Gabe Watson)

I find the preseason projections to be the most valuable tool over the years which I believe gives me a foot up on the rest of the league owners.  I think that provides the most unique information from other sources. The daily email information is usually helpful but I find that others in my leagues seem to have the breaking information as well which makes it tougher to beat guys to the waiver wire.  That's where the other in season tools are helpful in setting weekly lineups. Fantistics has been a large reason why I consistently make the money in my pools! (Lorne Ryall)

I find this is the best tool available for the fantasy baseball nut, like me! (Bill Warnock)

"If there is a stat that is not provided by Fantistics baseball, it probably doesn't exist." (Tom Skibosh)

The draft software is invaluable. With the ability to adjust settings to fit your league, mock draft based on those rankings, and prepare for any possible outcome sets you up for success. (Matthew Fry)

The less people who know about Fantistics in my FB leagues, the better it is for me! (Steve Chan)

12 year loyal subscriber - would not go to live draft without it! (Robert Connell)

In the 25 year history of our league, no team has ever won by more than 10 points. WE finished with a 26 point lead over the second place team that i also drafted using the software!!!!! (chris gipe)

4 Championships in 9 years (12-team league) 5 Times High Total Points in 12 years (Kurt Cartwright)

I have relied on Fantistics for many years.  I believe your projection software is the foundation to a successful draft which is key to winning in any league. (Roger Beckley)

I love Fantistics. They have a great team and since I've used their service, I've finished in the top three of my fourteen-team league every year. (Mike Fickel)

During the survey we asked subscribers if they were satisfied enough to return in 2015:

  • Yes: 92%

  • Maybe: 7%

  • No: <1%

90% of the reason I subscribe is for the daily email reports on the players. They are fantastic and and have contributed to many titles in the past. Thanks for all you do. See ya next year (Stephen Davis)

A high quality product that I'd certainly recommend.  I just wish that I had more time to delve into the more high tech products that you offer. (Steve Peinovich)

After my  6th year using, I'm still very pleased with your software.  I really like the idea of an iPad app.  Keep up the good work! (Brad Mayfield)

I would recommend Fantistics to everyone, except the other mangers in my league. (scott mcpherson)

If you want all the best analytics, a wide array of relevant experts opinions and  a second to none draft preparatory software, then Fanatics Inside Baseball is a must have. Nothing else out there compares...bar none. (Bill Philp)

I'm hooked. See you all next season. --Seth (Seth Gatchell)

I've been using the software for 3 years.  I've won the league twice and gotten 2nd place 1 time. Truly an "unfair" advantage to use your site. I utilize almost all the tools. It's the Rizzo/Brantley type players that you get late that win your leagues. Last year Carlos Gomez. Unbelievable site. Like I said, almost unfair! (George Pavlou)

Another great season.  Ill subscribe again for 2015 (Alan Kress)

Enjoyed the steady and accurate information. Projections were a big help in the draft. (Bill Guappone)

Excellent pre-season projections that allowed me to be focused and confident at the auction table, then once the season started daily analysis helped me stay on top of emerging free agents. Highly recommended! (Andy Palomino)

See the details of the Player Projections Software


Excellent projections and accuracy (Dan Ferris)

Excellent work (Luis Gerardo Venegas Guerrero)

Good stuff. When I use your service I always have a good draft and I am always competitive (Jim Garrity)

Great aid at the draft and during the year.  I have totally dominated the minor league players the last 3 years using your information. (William Phillips)

Great site, very helpful. I've been using Fantistics for about 10 years and have finished in the top 3 in our league 6 times . Can't wait for 2015!! (Jeff Imes)

Have won my league 10 out of 18 seasons (Charles Pancoast)

I don't have time to scan the press every day, and find your daily emails very helpful in that regard, and use the player DB before undertaking any trades or free agent pickups. For draft day, it's nice to have info readily available for each position. I enter each player purchased on draft day, and it doesn't seem like a big stretch for you to amend the software to provide commissioner functionality thereafter for an additional fee. (David Turner)

I finished in second place 6 points behind the champion. I believe if I hadn't lost my 4th round pick, Cliff Lee: my 9th round pick M. Wacha, my 14th round pick Nate Jones and my 20th round pick B. Beachy I would have accumulated enough points in the pitching catagory to win the league. (Mike Kezal)

I had been using Shandler's forecaster and software the past 4 years and did not finish in the money at all. This past year, listened to your radio show and used your draft software in the two leagues I finished in the money. Your software came out too late for the first two leagues I drafted. (Sharon Williams)

I really enjoy reading the daily player analysis.  It is the primary reason I use your services.  I feel that it provides the extra push that puts me at the top of the standings every single year.  I would have won if Tulo and Tanaka didn't go down, but that's not really your fault.....or is it? (Bob Whalon)

Experience playing Fantasy Baseball among Fantistics subscribers:

Greater than 10 years
Between 7- 10 years
Between 5-6 years
Between 3-5 years
2 years
1 year

I think I already covered. software was awesome. there were many players that I drafted that I never would have considered. you also saved me from protecting joe mauer. if we could sync to the draft room or update software faster during draft I could maximize the pain on my opponents (john martin) (In 2015 we are connecting to the Yahoo Draft Room!)

I use some of the info to rate players, but set my own draft order. I change stats of the players who I believe will be better or worse than your projections. But on draft day, the draft software is very helpful in keeping track of available players and position needs. (Larry Allen)

I was able to win my league leading wire with the help of Fantistics. (Joseph Nell)

I won one league and rebuilt in another keeper league. Looking for two titles next year! (Sticks Downs)

I've been with Fantistics for several seasons now.  So long in fact I've lost count as to how many seasons I've been a subscriber.  The team does a great job of gathering and giving information for the baseball season, both prior to and during.  I used to only use the info as an aid to my own rankings (a foolish idea) but quickly found they were much better at predicting which players would perform well.  I've been using their preseason predictions for the last three seasons and I have been finding I'm finishing higher than I have in seasons past.  I still haven't won that league crown (one can never account for injuries or underperformance) but this year I will have finished higher than I ever had.  Being in a keeper league, winning can be difficult but thanks to Fantistics, I've been able to build a minor league roster that compliments both my leagues.  With their help, I should be competitive for years to come (as long as I don't make that one foolish trade I always seem to make every year). (Dan McCord)

I've been with you guys for a very long time.  You have a great product and provide invaluable insight thanks! (Doug Oliver)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their overall Impression of Fantistics was:

  • Great Content: 83%

  • Good Content: 16%

  • Poor Content:  <1%

I've subscribed to Fantistics for baseball and football for years and can't imagine going into a draft without their software or updates. Fantasy sports is all about having the most information to make the best decision and, without their daily updates, there's no way I'd be as competitive because there's just not enough hours in the day. I'll definitely be back in 2015 and beyond. (Andy Gradel)

In my dynasty league over the past 3 years, I have finished 1st, 2nd, and 1st.  A lot of that had to do with Clayton Kershaw, but most of it had to do with Fantistics.  Thanks guys! (Dave Stumm)

In the league that I won for the last 11/2 months I had to have 10 pitchers to get my total of 1200 innings , I got 1218 using your 14 days Rotations. (Robert Krahn)

It felt like I was cheating at times, the rest of the league was usually a week or two behind in pick-ups of hot prospects.  I relied upon your suggestions and strategies      to befuddle my league buddies.  Man did I look like an expert!!! (Dennis Bridges)

Keep up the good stuff. (Roger Stanley)

Love everything you guys do. (A P)

Love the product and will continue as a loyal customer! (James Matlock)

Love the software. Lots of emails and analysis but that is ok as I pick and choose what what and how to use. The detailed daily emails/analysis is what differentiates you from competition. Great service. Thanks. (David Fitzmaurice)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their impression was of our 2014 player projections:

  • Excellent/Great Projections: 85%

  • Good Projections: 12%

  • Poor Projections:  3%

Once again, was overall very pleased with my experience and was rewarded with a 2nd place finish in a tough league due largely to a more heavy reliance on the Fantistics projections.  Would still like to see more player-by-player analysis that is easy to sort to help with those critical waiver wire pick-ups.  Thanks for a great season! (Markus O'Brien Fehr)

One stop shop for all fantasy baseball information thanks for helping this season. (Chris Knight)

Overall, I was satisfied with the support provided in helping to draft my team. (Ed Heckman)

see u next year (giuseppe miceli)

Stay the course with this software as it is the most practical I have used. (Richard Hohas)

Thank you once again for great content predraft and throughout the season. I won my favorite league for the first time in several years and it feels great! Keep up the great work! (Bryan Powers)

Thanks for doing all the work so I don't have to! (King Adrock)

The daily amount of information coming in from players around the league keeps you abreast on the happenings of the MLB.  Fantastics give you the chance to make an informed decision for your fantasy team! (Allan Gustafson)

The daily update is key to winning a league.  It saves so much time over finding the information myself. (mick sheets)

The draft process and analysis is superb and lets me draft a very strong team.  Others look to my analysis from your site and expected needs during the draft for their own needs (not that I tell them of course).  Now if you could just help me with trades and the second half, I'd be all set! (Hugh Brammer)

The service was great and the daily e-mails keyed me on to emerging and overlooked players that I was able to pick up before my league mates. (Chris McCann)

The software is great. The prospect updates are great, especially for keeper leagues. The ability to enter specific scoring parameters and get rankings tailored to my league is a huge advantage. (Kevin Enright)

There is just too much data to analyze yourself.  You need an ally. (Rick Halpin)

These folks know thier stuff!! (Dan Discepoli)

This was my first season playing fantasy baseball.  I relied heavily on the Fantistics Draft kit, and was able to make key pickups during the season thanks to the recommended pickups by your experts.  As a result, I finished in second place in my league! Thank you Fantistics!!  Jay M. (Jolt Mena)

This was my first time playing fantasy baseball.  I won my 10 team points league handily, going 20-3 in the regular season (holding first place from wire to wire), recording the 5 highest weekly scores in the league.  I took down both my playoff games for the championship.  My opponent in the finals posted to the league message board that it would take a "miracle on ice scenario" to beat me.  The 14 day pitching rotation was key (as well as your early and mid-season league wide reports) because I was streaming two start pitchers around my studs. Since I had the final waiver wire pick every week, I had to pick up spot starters a week in advance.  I also carried an offensive bench of one player; so your insight helped me make tough decisions about when to move on from a position player.  The fact the software was so bullish on Rizzo was incredible; got him incredibly late in the draft for the value he returned.  I would have been lost without Fantistics -- I only followed my favorite team prior to this season, and knew almost nothing about the rest of the league.  Thanks so much! (Benjamin Smith)

Two years in using the website and finished as Champion in a dynasty league both of those years. (John Hendricks)

Used Fantistics for three years and dominated my two leagues with five firsts and a second.  Did not not use Fantistics the year before and best finish was fourth.  Last year used Fantistics and had a first and second place finish.  Will continue to use Fantistics in the future. (Russell Lanski)

Used your data to repair my pitching staff after Fernandez went down.  Waiver pickups like Arrieta, mcHugh, Roark, DeLaRosa carried me after offense quit in September, (Wright, Pagan, Jaso)  Was very fortunate.  (League uses FULL YEAR Data on pickups). (Peter LaFave)

Very good year, your work makes the fantasy season much more enjoyable.  Easier to stay competitive without all the work in a busy schedule. (Tom Brew)

Watching only three games on TV this year I was still the most up to date fantasy player in our league this year.  The daily e-mails made me look like a fantasy guru.  I am in a very competitive, 5 player keeper league, and made huge strides from a 3-17 season to a 10-10 season.  I know next year I will be able to build again with fantistics for a playoff run.  My pitching staff is stacked; Adam Wainwright, Jon Lester, Tyson Ross, Garrett Richards and Tanner Roark. Sean Doolittle and Dellin Betances fill my RP positions all due to the early information gained through the daily e-mails.  Who all to keep next year is finally an issue for me.  I look forward to next season. Fantistics will be with me for a 2015 playoff run! (Trey Hellman)

You guys are always helpful in finding "diamonds in the rough" like Pollock and Peralta.  Those are the types of players that can make a difference. (Paul McGrath)

You need a professional partner in this if you want to have your best chance of winning! (Rick Halpin)

You were totally correct with Anthony Rizzo...thanks! (Mike Morris)


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