Theo Hartman

Despite suboptimal Sprint Speed, my Batted Ball Event numbers are trending upwards. I enjoy all things baseball, from "The Green Fields of the Mind " to Bull Durham, from SABR to pure hunches, it's all part of my Baseball Fantasy. @TheoHart006

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    Hey Siri: Show Me Fleet Feet & Hot Hitters - March 30, 2024

    Fleet Feet & Hot Hitters Jose Siri, OF TAM Siri steals the show in the opening pair of games vs the Jays with 3 SBs. Siri is a 30/30 capable player, with 30 MPH top sprint speed to boot. His...

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    Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep - March 17, SB Predictability

    Stolen Bases Threats: Beyond the Top 10 In 2023, MLB base runners had the highest stolen base success rates of all time at 80.2%. Over 50 players topped 20 SBs and 18 swiped 30 or more. That puts available SB...

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    Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep - March 7, 2024

    Cub 3B Battle Christopher Morel Morel's light-tower power (and propensity for shedding clothing) is well-known. His sudden Spring Training slide to 3B was endorsed by Northside Counsell himself, who said the Cubs 3B situation is "not going to be solved...

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    Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep - February 28, 2024

    Bargain Bats w/ Barrel Rates Higher than Juan Soto (13.0%)NONE of these hitters are more valuable than Soto, nor will they ever be. However, for mid and late-round grabs at power potential, these hitters have value. NOTE: League average Barrel...

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    Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep - February 24, 2024

    RPs w/ Rosterable Ratios (+ Two NL Hitters) Relief pitching is a combustible commodity (they're the RBs of fantasy baseball) but using late picks on the proper RPs can help to fortify your pitching. RPs with high SwStr%* and K/9...